Request to Recruit Workflow

Paperless & easy approval workflow

Don’t compromise! Have the perfectapproval workflow for your business.
Enterprise-grade Customisation
The Martian Logic form-and-workflow builder is a mature engine that’s been developed with close input from 1000s of our HR users. Our engineers took the requirements form our HR users and turned them into a highly customizable, highly scalable and highly flexible tool.
This easy to use tool, allows an admin user to design both the request-to-recruit form that captures all the info that needs to be approved, as well as the approval workflow itself that needs to be followed once the request is submitted for approval.
Instant Executive Approval
Once a request-to-recruit is set in motion, Executives and Managers are instantly notified via SMS and Email, or via a notification on their Martian Logic app. Regardless of their location, and in a single swipe, Executives can approve or reject the requisition and leave in-app notes for the appropriate stakeholders to view.
Inbox user interface
E-Form & Workflow Builder
The form builder comes with enterprise customisation capabilities. Choose from a wide array of field options, including; text, numbers, multiple choice, date, file attachment.. etc. The intelligence of the form builder permits certain fields to either appear or disappear depending on the previously entered data. Thus, eliminating user-errors and certifying a concise form.
HR, Managers & Execs Collaboration
Create a seamless workflow to enhance collaboration amongst HR, Hiring Managers, and Executives. Once the first stakeholder in the approval workflow actions the requisition, the next is instantly notified. All actions are visible on the dedicated dashboard, ensuring accountability for time-delays and transparency for all stakeholders. If a request-to-recruit gets lost in motion, it can be resent in a single click.
Customer profile user interface