Reference Checks

For stronger compliance

Native in your process with Enterprise-grade Customisation and Branding

Fully Fledged, Completely Automated Module

Reduce time-to-hire and increase ROI!

Improve Efficiency

Auto-triggered questionnaires and SMS/Emails ensure the pre-employment check can be completed without relying on continuous input from the HR team. Therefore reducing time-delays and miscommunication between stakeholders.

Save Time & Money

Implementing automation alleviates the time HR spends chasing candidates and referees, therefore providing them with more time to spend on other tasks (whilst the automated module is at work in the background). This reduces the budget needed to recruit a new employee and empowers your company to optimise productivity.
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Seamless in your workflow

Smooth transitions for HR and candidates!

Natively Built

Natively built within the Martian Logic platform, this module is responsive, fast, easy to navigate, and offers a superior user experience. The Native aspect of this feature empowers HR to collate all candidate information in one platform and eliminates the confusion of having to switch between multiple platforms or applications to retrieve data.

Seamless In Your Workflow

Seamlessly insert your customised reference check stage into your workflow. The combination of being Seamless and Native crafts a harmonious experience for both users and candidates, with no interruptions or delays in regards to auto-populated forms, auto-triggered communications, and the collation of information provided by candidates and referees.
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Enterprise-Grade Questionaire Builder

Create customised questionnaires in minutes!

Enterprise-Grade Customisation

Build your questionnaires from scratch with enterprise-grade customisation capabilities. Make your questionnaires as comprehensive or brief as you like, and choose from a wide range of field options, including; drop-down, text, numerical, multiple-choice, etc. Our template builder is the backbone of Automated Reference Checks and is the key element that differentiates Martian Logic.

Customised Templates

Assemble candidate and referee template questionnaires that are specific to departments, locations, role type, employment type, etc, and save them as templates for future use. This certifies the questions asked are across every potential employee, which allows HR to compare uniform information about candidates and better determine the most suitable candidate.
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End-to-End Data Flow

This module follows suit with the entire Martian Logic platform, offering end-to-end data flow. The data that is collected from the candidate and referee is stored, forever, within the platform. Therefore allowing HR to search keywords or names and review the appropriate information.

Information that is collated during the reference check stage will also pre-populate relevant E-forms, without the assistance of manual input. This capability saves time and removes the risk of potential data inaccuracies.
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Automatically Flag Candidates

HR can automate the flagging of candidates based on information received by the referee. For example, your questionnaire may include something similar to “Rate *candidate* out of 10 for their work ethic”, and create automatic flagging for candidates who receive a rating of 5 and below.

This automation acts as a screening tool, and quickly points out candidates specific to the key words you have flagged.

It’s important to note that flagging doesn’t have to be in a negative manner! You may decide to flag candidates who’s referee’s mentioned “Skillful” “good communicator” etc. The choice is yours!
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Brand Communications

Elevate your employer branding!

Company Branding

Style all communications and E-forms to reflect your company’s branding, logos, and colours to create a brand identity that is consistent across all candidate touchpoints. The consistency of your branding resonates with candidates (who are also your customers) and aids the development of your employer branding.

HR Personalisation

Craft the messaging of E-forms and auto-triggered SMS/Emails to represent the tone and personality of the employer and company. Make your candidates and referees feel valued by personalising every form of communication. This can be achieved by appropriately addressing them, and including personalised assets (such as signatures, emojis, pictures, etc).
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Intelligent & Automated Module

Set-in motion in a single click!

Enterprise-Grade Automation

The extent of automation within this module is decided entirely by HR when creating their ‘Reference Check Stage’.

If HR completely automates the process, when a candidate is moved to this stage an SMS/Email invitation is sent to the candidate requesting referee details. Once the referee details are received, an SMS/Email is triggered and sent to the nominated contact details. The branded email contains your questionnaire, which is available for viewing in the platform once it is submitted!

Pre-set automations can be changed at any time, and HR can create multiple Reference Check stages with different automations and templates to alternate between.
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Automatic Notifications

The automated functionality of this module is paired with a dedicated dashboard, which empowers HR to view the progress of every set-in-motion reference check. This provides transparency of a candidate’s progress within the stage to keep all stakeholders on the same page, and clearly indicate if there are any issues, time-delays, or incomplete checks.

As well as having a dedicated dashboard, the platform will automatically send stakeholders SMS/Email notifications whenever any progress is made to keep them up-to-date.
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Automated or manual… the choice is yours!

Manual Process

It is completely possible to use this module and conduct manual reference checks. To override the automation functionality, simply don’t tick the ‘automatic’ selection box in the initiation process.

Once the candidate has provided the details of their referees, HR will be notified to contact them in their own time! The flexibility of this module ensures HR can manually complete the templated questionnaire whilst on the phone to the referee.

Stage Location

The placement of the reference check stage is entirely up to the user. Insert the stage wherever best suits your workflow process, such as before or after; talent assessment etc. The placement of the stage can even be changed depending on the department, job, or location you’re hiring for.
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Reference Check Questions

Here’s where we add value!

Data-Driven Questions

Candidate information is based on self-reporting during phone screening and interview processes, thus reference checks provide employers with the opportunity to source first-hand information about their candidate. HR must be strategic in order to dissect data-driven information that will be useful to the specific role they will be hired for.

Your candidate can easily manipulate their pre-employment check by providing employers with referees who they haven’t worked closely with, or who are willing to alter information in order to make them look more desirable. This is where HR must be careful about asking the right questions to get insight that is applicable and accurate.

Through creating role and department-specific questionnaire templates, you ensure the data you collect is analytical and consistent across all candidates. As well as counter-act the possibility of candidate manipulation.
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Implementing Best Practices

To assist HR with ensuring their reference check process follows best practices, Martian Logic offers a template library that contains pinnacle questions to ask referees. These questions have been crafted based on years of data-driven practices from users and HR leaders.

It’s can be difficult to discover the correct balance between role-specific questions that are open-ended and not leading. Through using these template questions as a guide, HR can select questions that are best suited to their process, and edit them slightly to align with company tone/personality/requirements.
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Ensuring Compliant Processes

Compliance is vital when it comes to checking a candidate’s references accurately. Questions must not be biased or discriminatory in any manner, and not intrudingly personal. Partaking in a manual reference check increases this risk as the discussion is not conducted in a controlled environment, such as an online questionnaire.

Within this module, HR can collaborate to create questionnaire templates and ensure each question is appropriate and conveyed professionally. Therefore, eliminating the risk of potential errors.

As Martian Logic stores all saved questions and collected data, the information in the platform can easily be reviewed and used as evidence if a candidate believes the process is unfair and biased.

There are strict regulations on obtaining consent from candidates to contact their referees, and also strict guidelines on storing referee details and discussions. In this aspect, Martian Logic bullet-proofs your company by ensuring data-security and safety that can be proven in any legal cases.
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