From Requisition to Off-boarding and everything in between

Streamline all employee lifecycle tasks, reduce admin overhead & let your data flow freely between all lifecycle processes.

Custom Approval Workflows

Our custom approval workflows enhance collaboration between HR, Managers and Executives. Allowing you to seamlessly action Requisitions, Change of conditions, Cross-boards and Off-boards using workflows that match your organisation’s relevant approval pipelines.

All actions, or lack thereof, are visible in the workflows dashboard, creating transparency between all stakeholders and ensuring accountability for any delays in the approval process. Should you need it, you can even resend the approval if it gets lost in motion anywhere along the workflow, to nudge the approval process along again.

Recruitment (Full ATS)

The no. one enterprise-grade end-to-end recruitment software solution for in-house HR teams. Our platform allows data to flow freely between your requisition, recruitment and offer approval phases, ensuring accuracy, reliability and compliance like no other.

Our software is unique in that it allows you to customise every aspect of your recruitment process, including your requisition, job ad templates, career site, screening questions, recruitment workflow and talent communities.

We eliminate needless administrative HR tasks by automating and streamlining these tasks throughout your recruitment process, such as job posting, bulk candidate communication, pre-employment checks, and much more.


Martian Logic’s world-class onboarding software creates a beautiful & easy onboarding experience for HR professionals and candidates.

Our custom onboarding pack templates allow you to consolidate onboarding materials into a concise mobile-friendly digital pack, complete with custom branding, e-forms, auto-generating employment contracts, PDF’s and videos.

Ensure all key stakeholders are on the same page when onboarding new employees with our automated stakeholder notifications triggered relative to key onboarding milestones.

Finally, using our SMART Integration Connectors, we can push data captured during the onboarding process to your payroll system of choice to ensure cohesion between all your data.
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Change of Conditions

We built our Change of Conditions module to alleviate the administrative burden of this process from HR. Using technology that we have been perfecting for over a decade, we have been able to reimagine the change of conditions process to be quick, transparent & stress-free.

Whether you’re updating an employee’s title, salary or work type, our change of conditions module caters for them all. Simply propose the changes for approval via your custom approval workflow, send out the updated employee contract to be digitally signed by the relevant employee, and push the updated conditions through to your chosen payroll system using our SMART Integration Connectors.
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Move employees internally with ease and transparency. Our end-to-end cross-boarding function has simplified the cross-boarding process beyond recognition.

Initiated from within the organisational chart, you need only select the relevant employee and corresponding position you wish to move them to. From there, relevant information will be pre-populated using existing employee and position data, then sent for approval via your custom approval workflow. Once approved, an updated contract can be sent out to the employee for signing. After the employee has signed, the changes will go live across the platform, and the employee information will be pushed to your integrated payroll system Removing the mundane steps that come with certain HR tasks.
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A smooth, seamless off-boarding process that ensures all relevant stakeholders are on the same page. Using automations triggered relative to milestones in the employee off-boarding process, the relevant stakeholders in your organisation can be notified or reminded of any role they need to play in the off-boarding process, such as the collection of provisioning collateral.

This module uses the same advanced technology as our Recruitment and Change of conditions tools, simplifying the off-boarding process by eliminating excessive admin work typically associated with the off-boarding process.
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