Unrivalled HR management software

From headcount reporting to managing people and their data is effortless with Martian Logic’s industry-leading talent management dashboard and employee database.

Employee Database

Data that matters most to HR and management can be captured and easily searched for through our superior employee database function that acts as a single source of truth for all stakeholders in your business.

Unlike other databases in the market, our position library and organisational chart are integrated into our employee database to enrich your overall data and business intelligence. It allows you to capture unlimited data about your workforce and ensures information such as position descriptions, reporting lines, and your employees’ personal data can be accessed through one central, customisable database.
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Employee Dashboard

Instant, customisable, big picture reporting has never been more achievable than with Martian Logic’s employee dashboard. Using world-leading data visualisation software, this powerful and intuitive dashboard has been designed to display tailored data-driven insights to your business.

By using our employee dashboard, you will be able to instantly segment your data into reporting lines, departments, entities, employment types, or in any way that best suits your business needs. With a dashboard like this at your fingertips, your data has never been clearer, or more valuable.
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Position Library

HR professionals and managers know that without a well-developed position knowledge base, the position management process is complicated. Martian Logic’s fully customisable position library takes the difficulty out of position management and captures everything your business needs to know about a position, in a knowledge base that acts as a single source of truth. Imagine clicking into a position and finding the position description, selection criteria, duties and responsibilities, and even a draft job advertisement template!

It doesn’t stop there, our software is built to meet your individual business needs, so your position library can contain the data that is important to you and your team. Customisable position information in one database means compliance, hiring, and performance management can be executed seamlessly.
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Organisational chart

The Martian Logic enterprise-grade org chart is the most powerful organisational chart software on the market. It’s one of the few that’s been created specifically with the needs of HR professionals like yourself in mind.

Our org chart is designed to do more than just visually represent an organisation. It is linked with the live position library as well as the employee database and offers a self-healing, central function where major HR tasks, from recruiting to cross-boarding, can be initiated.
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Access Control

Managing how data is viewed and edited is one of the most important things a business can do to remain compliant and in control. Martian Logic has developed in-built, enterprise-grade access control to allow full regulation over your employee data.

Our access control is multi-dimensional and completely customisable, which enables your business to decide what records each manager and employee can access, as well as which aspect of the record each person can edit. Unparalleled flexibility means your business will always have control over how your data is viewed and edited.