Change of StaffConditions
Powerful, data-driven automation
Software that lets your internal movements and staff condition updates happen seamlessly
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Updating staff conditions
Changing staff conditions requires strict compliance and continuous communication. When using a difficult, manual system, the process can go from simple to stressful very fast.

We built our adaptable and seamless ‘update staff conditions’ tool to take the stress and time out of changing staff conditions. It has customisable approval workflows, pre-populated forms, and instant notifications for involved stakeholders. When using this function, updating staff conditions is speedy, transparent, and stress-free.
Cross boarding
Internal movements shouldn’t be harder to process than hiring externally. It needs to be a positive experience for employees, managers, and HR professionals. That’s why Martian Logic developed a separate, end-to-end cross boarding function. And, it can easily be initiated from your organisational chart or your employee’s records.

One click and allocated users can begin your customised approval workflow for cross boarding. The approval request sends with a pre-populated comparison of the employee’s current conditions and the proposed new conditions. This is powerful and instant data visibility that offers approvers an unparalleled understanding of internal staff movements.
Everything connected as a single source of truth
Position information, employee data and change requests all come together and pre-populate approval forms. This is because our software acts as a single source of truth! The data saved at each stage of the employee lifecycle is kept in one place ready for approved users to draw from instantly.

Automation and simplicity don’t stop there. The employee record and organisational chart will automatically update once changes have been approved and implemented. This kind of software intelligence means your org chart is always accurate and every record is up to date and kept track of.
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A comprehensive, side-by-side comparison of conditions
Approvals for changes in staff conditions cannot happen without access to the right data. That’s why we made change approval workflows so advanced that all the important information is sent automatically; with a comprehensive comparison between an employee’s current conditions and the proposed changes. This intuitive comparison helps your stakeholders make confident and informed decisions for your business.

Our industry-leading, user-friendly change approval forms will help your business stay on top of all your staff movements!
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