Availability Management

Segmented Candidate Database & Talent Communities

AI, resume parsing, bulk email & SMS communications plus super fast candidate search.
Availability Management
Natively built Availability Management tool that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the platform’s features. This feature includes the ability to discover who’s available in seconds and send them a contract to sign! Filter on skills, compliance documents, etc, to find which employees are available to work on a project
Discover which employees are working on certain projects, under what role, and then custom color each project so you can quickly recognise it in your Roster view.
In seconds, find the employees available to work on your project and send a bulk email or SMS asking them to confirm their availability and share the offer details… or even send them a contract to sign therefore increasing employee engagement on HR tasks.
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Shortlist candidates quickly and on-the-go
Quick application processing is one of the features our team is most proud of. For years now, we have continued to perfect the many features we have, that help recruiters deal with large volumes of applications, while being able to sort through and find quality candidates very quickly.
Many clients believe that managing applications in our platform is a breeze, saving recruiters a huge amount of time, and therefore freeing their time to speaking with, and interviewing candidates. We have also developed an iPhone and Android compatible app, which allows users to keep their finger on the pulse, no matter where they are. New applications can be quickly accessed from a single swipe. Recruiters can even do a full candidate search across their entire database from the app.
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Set up recruitment milestones
Out-of-the-box, Martian Logic comes with a set of standard recruitment stages so when shortlisting for a role, our users can move candidates into these stages in order to, create easy to manage lists and reduce clutter.
Although the standard set of stages provided with the platform make sense to most users, you can still customise these stages to build the perfect recruitment process (workflow) for your organisation.

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Schedule interviews – Individual or in bulk
Martian Logic integrates with both Gmail calendar and Office 365 and so within seconds, the interviews you schedule from our platform, will popup in your calendar as well as the candidates’ calendar.
Email and SMS communication
Emailing or SMS(ing) candidates from the platform is so easy and all communication history is stored in the candidates’ timeline allowing visibility amongst the users in the recruitment team. Individual and bulk communications can be done from either a pre-set branded template or on an ad hoc basis.
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Powerful Geolocation and keyword search
This would have to be one of the most powerful features in the platform! You can search and find candidates in so many different ways including filtering based on geolocation, distance from the job location, keywords in the resume and screening questions.
You can also combine many filtering options in order to narrow down your search to pinpoint accuracy. There is also an option to save your search filter for future use, saving you having to construct that same filter all over again.
The tool is really powerful but also so easy to use and our clients find it critical to their recruitment function.
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Collaboration and sharing tools
We strongly believe that unless HR and the managers are on the same page, recruitment will not meet the need of the hiring managers. Creating a collaboration platform where HR and the managers can exchange feedback about the roles and the candidates, has been a huge focus of our team.
Users can share any candidate with anybody even if they’re not existing users of the platform and when feedback is provided the sharer is notified with the feedback stored in the timeline of the candidate.
Job Posting
In a few clicks post your job to your own career site, free and paid job-boards… as well as to social sites.
Martian Logic has the most advanced multi-posting tool in the world – it’s very flexible and yet super easy to use – just tick the job-boards you want to post your job to… and click post.

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Free integrated career site and job board
Every recruitment stage can be configured so that an email is automatically sent to candidates as soon as they are moved into a particular stage.
The emails are all branded, personalised and can be delayed as required. This is one of the most popular features in the candidate shortlisting aspect of the platform. Some of our clients started calling it “set and forget”.
This feature allows a recruiter to always let all candidates know where they are at in the process no matter how busy the recruiter is. One of the biggest complaints candidates have about recruiters, is that they never get back to them. So there is no excuse now! An “unsuccessful” email template can be set up against your ‘STOP’ stage and from there, as soon as you move a candidate into a stage, an unsuccessful email will be sent to the candidate.
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