Tracking System

Modern & End-To-End
Manage your recruitment requests, job ads, applications, candidates, employment contracts and E-forms… all from one place.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System for Recruiters And Employers

Save Time & Money

An applicant tracking system is your recruitment ally, streamlining processes with efficiencies and automations. With a few clicks, get requests-to-hire swiftly approved and enjoy automated notifications triggered at each stage to keep stakeholders in the look and ensure tasks are on track. Best part? It empowers managers to handle tasks independently, eliminating lengthy email exchanges with HR.

Improved Compliance

With an ATS, you can custom-build your recruitment workflow stage-by-stage, ensuring no crucial steps are missed. It makes it easy to collect compliance documents like licences and identification assets while providing a secure storage hub for quick retrieval. And, you can say goodbye to the headaches of manually tracking document expiration dates – automatic reminders ensure timely renewals for compliance documents and licences.
Save time and money

Positive Experiences For All

Modern and slick ATS platforms deliver positive experiences for all users. Free of clunky or confusing features, recruiters and employers can efficiently accomplish their tasks themselves, reducing the need for frequent back-and-forth communication with the HR team for tedious admin tasks.

High Return On Investment (ROI)

ATS platforms such as Martian Logic ensure a high return on investment (5 to 10 times the ROI) as they mitigate compliance-based risks, minimize candidate drop-off rates, improve the speed-to-recruit, and ensure a smooth and happy experience for all stakeholders.

What To Know When Selecting An Applicant Tracking System

Non-Functional - Strategic Requirements

  • SaaS & modern
  • SaaS, works on all devices, slick UI, and comes with open APIs
  • Free-plan for testing
  • Forever free for small businesses and an excellent testing tool for larger organizations
  • No setup cost
  • Beware: this can be a huge budget blowout – make sure you understand the full total cost of ownership
  • Support & ongoing training included
  • Comprehensive support and continuous training to ensure your ongoing happiness with the platform
Save time and money

Functional - Core

Customizable request-to-hire workflow
Customizable and mobile-friendly request-to-hire approval workflow that keeps managers, HR, and executives on the same page
Customizable recruitment workflows
Custom-build each of your recruitment workflows stage-by-stage to ensure they meet your organizational needs
Custom E-Forms
Curate digital forms to meet your unique needs by customizing each element, field, and e-form design
Native job posting
Post job advertisements to multiple job-boards and social sites in seconds
Customizable job-board
Add your unique brand elements & custom filters to a career site featured directly on your website
Unlimited custom fields/properties
Hold as many custom fields as you need to against each key entity including the requisition, job, and candidate
Compliance document collection and management
Make it easy for candidates/employees to upload their certifications and licenses; and for HR to manage them… using modern and compliant tools

Functional - Complementary

  • Seamless flow into onboarding
  • All candidate data flows seamlessly into a modern and 100% paperless onboarding processes
  • Native Digital Signing
  • Both candidates and managers should be able to sign documents and contracts from any device, and from anywhere
  • Native Automated Reference Checking module
  • Initiate reference checks from the automated reference checking module in just 5 seconds
  • Native video responses
  • Enhance your understanding of candidates in the early stages of recruitment with video responses built directly into application forms
Save time and money


Applicant Tracking System: Data Flow
End-to-end & Enterprise Applicant tracking system (ATS) solution for in house recruitment, and recruitment agencies, where data flows freely from the requisition phase, to recruitment phase, to offer finalisation-and-approval phase. The data captured then flows into onboarding e-forms, and into your own Payroll/HRMS systems.
Request-to-hire Approval Workflow
Our Applicant tracking system platform is mobile-enabled, meaning that no matter where they are, within seconds managers can submit a request-to-recruit. Managers, Executives and HR in your organisation will then approve it one at a time in accordance to your custom build workflow.
Once approved, HR is notified and then and only then job posting, candidate sourcing and recruitment can begin. Users create custom built approval workflows that are role or department specific, and can be re-used in the future!
Inbox user interface
Job Posting
Design beautiful, branded themes for your job ads. In minutes you can upload your logo and customise font, colours, borders and many other styling options to create the perfect template for your company.
Templates can be used, re-used and tailored to suit different jobs, departments and so forth. Boost your employer branding to compete, attract and hire the most suitable candidates.
Post to multiple job boards and social sites in seconds
Attract and hire candidates at no cost! In a few clicks you can post your vacancy to free job-boards such as Indeed, and social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also post your jobs to paid job boards such as SEEK, Monster, Career Builder and many others.
Customer profile user interface
Career Site
The Martian Logic enterprise pricing pack comes with a complementary branded career site - we build it for you and customise the branding so it’s an extension of your company! You can have it installed inside your webpages or you can have it running on a seperate sub-domain such as ‘careers.example.com’.
The career site is flexible! We’ve created a WordPress plug-in that empowers our clients to install and customise it themselves if they choose to. This way our clients can choose to customise the job-board functionality and the branding without having to rely on us. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to work with a third-party creative agency or use your own creative team to customise the career site.
If you’re a coding Ninja or have access to web developers you might prefer to access our job-board API to build your career site - using the API is the most flexible way of building a career site because you don’t even have to use PHP or WordPress… working on the Ninja level with the API(s), you’ll be able to use any programming language, such as C# for example to build your career site to look, feel and function in any way you want!
Inbox user interface
Custom Screening Questions templates
Our Application Form builder is the easiest and coolest tool to use - you can create any question you like! Multi-choice question, single-choice, question, date, number… etc. Anything you like. You can even have dependencies between the questions, for example: you ask the question ‘Do you have the right to work in the US?’ and if they select ‘No’ from the dropdown, then and only then a new dropdown question comes up: ‘What type of Visa do you have?”. You can also create different screening question templates (forms) that suit your various roles and then all you have to do is select from a dropdown which template you want to use for the job you’re posting.
Our application forms are very strategic and powerful for our clients because you can drive the traffic from Indeed, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Seek and any other job-board into your application form hosted on your own career site. This way you only have to maintain one set of screening questions and all candidates are put through the same application funnel.
Customer profile user interface
Custom Recruitment Workflow & Automations
This is one of the most powerful features of the platform - you can customise your recruitment workflow to make it match your recruitment process perfectly. for.
You can even set up automations and notifications at each step in the process. Your users will never forget to do something… all they have to worry about is moving a candidate from one stage to the next and the platform’s automation engine will make sure they do what they have to do at the particular stage the candidate has been moved to.
You can even custom build multiple template workflow processes to better match the various roles and divisions in your organisation that you’re recruiting
Inbox user interface
Talent Communities (pools)
The users who screen and shortlist candidates can easily create and maintain talent pools by simply tagging the appropriate candidate with searchable keywords, such as #softskills, #marketing, #4yrsexperience etc. The tags are created by you! We make it so easy and do-able in three clicks, therefore allowing you to create beneficial and up-to-date talent pools.
Talent pools are like talent on tap as they can be a super efficient way for you to quickly contact quality candidates about a role without having to spend money on job advertisements.
Customer profile user interface
SMS, Email and 2-WAY SMS
SMS are instant messages, therefore they’re a very efficient and sometimes crucial way of contacting candidates for urgent roles.
Our users can buy SMS credits in affordable packs and are able to SMS candidates anywhere in the world and they can do so either one on one, or in bulk. 2-WAY SMS allow all replies from candidates to also be stored against the candidates’ records, meaning you’ll never lose your communication history between you and the candidate!
Bulk SMS and Email communications
We promise you that you will have the best E-Form system in the world! Our custom field system is the backbone, and the E-Form system is nothing but a collection of the fields created by you. So you can trust to have an E-Form system that’s flexible and seamlessly integrated within every part of the request-to-recruit (requisition), recruitment and the onboarding modules.
Inbox user interface
Finalise Your Offer/Have it Approved: HR or Managers can finalise their offer to candidates by editing and fine tuning the original request-to-recruit (requisition) that the business has already approved in order to create the final offer details. They can then either have the changes approved again or they can go straight to onboarding, generate an offer/contract and send it to the candidate for signing.
Customer profile user interface
Final Offer Approval
The offer approval module allows HR and/ or managers to capture final details of the offer they wish to present to the selected candidate/s.
Once those details are captured, the user also has the option to have the offer approved by one or more executives prior to it being released to the candidate.
The final and approved offer details will then freely flow into the onboarding process module and automatically merge into the job offer, employment contract, documents and forms.
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Video Interviews
90% of resumes are now built from a template downloaded from the internet. So even on a good day when a candidate spends hours and days writing their resume using their own style, structure and format… it’s still a one-dimensional piece of information about the candidate.
A recorded Video Interview, breathes liveness into it and adds the two missing dimensions to make 3D. It helps you to unearth the soft skills, the communications skills, the personality and the emotional intelligence of the candidate. This way you don’t waste neither the candidates’ time nor yours… and only setup live interviews (online or face to face) with those who are a very close match to what you’re looking for.
Unlike a live interview that take at least an hour to setup, prepare for and sit through… watching a pre-recorded video interview will only take you 2 minutes to figure out if this is someone you want to continue with.
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Psychometrics Talent Assessment
Using organizational psychology & technology we extract big-5 based psychometric reports from Video Interviews.
In a few clicks you can invite a candidate to record a video interview - the candidate clicks on a link in their email and in minutes they can record their answers from the comfort of their home and even from their phone. As soon as the video interview is completed, our technology starts analysing those videos and within 15 minutes a latent assessment report is produced.
In a few clicks you invite a candidate to record a video interview - the candidate clicks on a link in their email and in minutes they can record their answers from the comfort of their home and even from their phone. As soon as the video interview is completed, our technology starts analysing those videos and within 15 minutes a latent assessment report is produced.
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Seamless Integration With Your Payroll / HRMS Systems
The Martian Logic Integration Connectors allow you to transfer your Martian Logic data straight into your Payroll, HRMS, HRIS systems. So as soon as your candidates complete their digital onboarding packs, all the information about the position and the new hires can be automatically transferred to your Payroll / HRMS system.
The Martian Logic platform comes with a set of standard Integration Connectors and we’re happy to create custom-built connectors when required. We are currently integrated with and in the process of integrating with the following systems:
Aurion, Preceda, Sage MicrOpay, MYOB’s PayGlobal, ADP, Xero, Definitiv, KeyPay and We expect to have over 30 connectors within 12 months.
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How does an applicant tracking system (ATS) work?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have become indispensable tools for modern recruitment, helping organizations efficiently manage their hiring processes and streamline tedious manual tasks. Here's how they make it all possible:
1. Request-To-Hire Approval Workflow:
With a built-in request-to-hire approval workflow, users can swiftly submit requests-to-recruit and secure the necessary approvals. Once approved, HR teams can initiate the recruitment process with complete transparency, fostering clear communication among all involved parties.
2. Posting/Sourcing:
An ATS allows for job multi-posting to integrated job boards and social platforms, as well as creating and maintaining your own talent pools (talent communities). This not only saves you heaps of time and money but also gives you flexibility when it comes to recruitment.
3. Collaboration, Candidate Ranking, and Sharing With Managers:
An ATS facilitates seamless collaboration among executives, managers, and HR throughout the entire recruitment funnel. They can collectively assess candidate profiles, ranking them, providing comments, and efficiently progressing them through the recruitment process. Additionally, the platform can perform automated candidate screening by evaluating keywords and other criteria set by the recruiter.
4. Communication With Applicants:
An ATS streamlines communication by making sure candidates stay in the loop throughout the recruitment process. It sends personalized notifications and updates about the status of their applications, as well as helps schedule interviews and sends reminders. This ensures stakeholders stay engaged every step of the way and reduces the chance of candidate drop-off.
5. Compliance:
ATS solutions ensure you stay compliant with legal and internal hiring requirements. It keeps you up-to-date with automatic notifications and provides reference and police check modules to ensure you keep up with industry regulations while mitigating potential risks. And with robust access control features, you can feel confident that recruitment data is securely stored and accessible to the right people.

Future of applicant tracking systems

In the rapidly evolving job market, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are continuously adapting to support recruitment in remarkable ways. Marked by innovation, efficiency, and a stronger focus on candidate and user experience, ATS platforms of today aim to stay up-to-date so your organisation can stay ahead in the race for top talent.
1. AI-Driven Candidate Rating & Selection:
With advancements in AI technology, ATS platforms screen candidates so you can assess the 10% of star applicants without having to go through the irrelevant 90% of applications. It can also help you assess more complex criteria like cultural fit and soft skills based on video responses. This will eliminate potential biases in recruitment and free up time for your HR team to focus on more strategic tasks.

2. Enhanced Candidate Experience:
The candidate experience is becoming a top priority of the recruitment process, starting from attraction and application, right through to onboarding. By tailoring and personalising each stage of the recruitment funnel, your organisation will not only attract top talent but also reduce candidate drop-off rates and elevate your brand's reputation. This ensures that the hiring process is engaging, efficient, and designed to leave a positive impression on candidates, setting your organisation apart as an employer of choice.

3. Mobile-Enabled Access:
ATS platforms will be designed with mobile-accessibility in mind so that candidates can easily apply to positions, track their applications, and communicate with recruiters on their phones, making the entire process more convenient and efficient.

4. Integration:
As the central hub for all hiring-related activities, an ATS will integrate seamlessly with other HR systems, job boards, and even social media. This will allow you to experience the best of both worlds when it comes to tracking applicants and managing hiring-related processes.

What types of companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

Applicant tracking systems are used by all types of organizations, big and small, across different industries and countries. Although they were initially most popular among major corporations and high-volume recruiters, ATS platforms are now available to smaller businesses and start-ups thanks to affordable and scalable solutions. This makes streamlined hiring processes a possibility for everyone.

ATS solutions steamline the requisition process for hiring and, once approved, streamline the entire cycle of attracting, recruiting, and onboarding candidates. This not only saves time and money, but also enhances compliance and ensures a superior experience for candidates, even if the company hires just one person in a year. However, the more a company hires, the greater the return on investment (ROI) will be.

Does an applicant tracking system (ATS) read PDF files?

Absolutely! Applicant tracking systems (ATS), like the Martian Logic ATS, are adept at reading various file formats, including PDF, PowerPoint, Text, and Microsoft Word. Based on our experience, nearly half of all resumes are in PDF format, and in more creative industries, this percentage skyrockets to almost 99%. The crucial ability of an ATS to read PDF files lies in its capacity to search for skills and keywords within the candidate database. And a modern ATS, can seamlessly parse resumes of any format, ensuring that all resume information is indexed and ready for efficient searching by talent sourcing users.

Why is an applicant tracking system (ATS) important?

An applicant tracking system brings accountability, efficiency, compliance, and positive experiences to the hiring process, handling large volumes of applications and ensuring no candidate slips through the cracks. They help eliminate biases in hiring decisions by applying standardized criteria while ensuring compliance throughout the entire recruitment funnel. A centralized platform with multi-user capabilities encourages teamwork and collaboration in hiring processes. Plus, it’s cost-effective in the long run as it promises a high return on investment.

What can an applicant tracking system (ATS) do?

An ATS comes with many functionalities but here are some of the most important:
1. Request-To-Hire Approval Workflow:
Allows hiring managers to initiate requests-to-hire from the platform itself and gain approvals quickly and accurately, keeping all stakeholders on the same page.

2. Multi-Job Posting:
Provides a convenient hub that allows hiring managers to post multiple job openings on various job boards and social sites, including Seek and LinkedIn.

3. Career Site:
Allows you to custom build a career site to go directly on your company website that looks, feels and functions in the best possible way for your unique organization.

4. Custom Application Forms:
Gives you the flexibility to tailor e-forms to meet your unique needs by customizing each element, field, and design.

5. Application Management & Recruitment Process Automations:
Automates the process of receiving, sorting, and storing job applications, eliminating manual data entry and saving time.

6. Compliance:
Assists in ensuring compliance with legal and industry-specific regulations by making uploads convenient and documenting the entire recruitment process.

7. Onboarding Integration:
Integrates with onboarding modules to ensure accuracy and streamline the transition from recruitment to the onboarding phase for successful candidates.