What is HRIS?

Human Resources Informations System (HRIS):

A flexible software solution designed to bring together managers and HR teams, streamlining essential HR-related tasks and workflows. Acting as a central hub for managing all HR-related data and processes, it covers the full employee lifecycle, simplifying tasks such as recruitment, onboarding, changes in employee conditions, offboarding, and more.

By eliminating administrative burdens in these areas, an HRIS gives your HR team their time back, allowing them to focus on the strategic initiatives that truly drive your organisation forward.
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Which Areas Does An HRIS Focus On?

  • Recruitment – Handle all your hiring needs from requests-to-hire and job ads, to custom e-forms, video responses, applicant tracking, candidate pools, and more.
  • Employee Onboarding – Seamlessly welcome and integrate new employees into your organisation with customizable digital onboarding packs, mobile-enabled signing, automated text messages, and more.
  • Change of Employment Conditions – Give executives and managers the power to affect changes to employment records of employees themselves, whether that is updating remuneration (REM) details or making a change to their working hours.
  • Employee Offboarding – Ensure the smooth and effortless offboarding of employees with end-to-end data flow and auto-triggered notifications.

Benefits of HRIS

Saves Time & Money

  • Efficiencies – An HRIS eliminates paperwork and lengthy emails by turning your traditionally time-consuming HR processes, into something you can do with just a few clicks.
  • Automations – Custom automations trigger throughout all HR processes to ensure seamless communication, eliminate manual follow-ups, and optimize HR functions for efficiency, time savings, and cost reduction.
  • Modern & Slick Platform – With an intuitive interface, an HRIS prioritizes everyone’s comfort, making processes stress-free and quick. Its easy navigation empowers managers and employees to handle tasks independently, reducing the reliance on HR teams for minor changes.
Customer profile user interface
Customer profile user interface

Ensures Compliance

  • Custom Built HR Processes – Customize HR processes and workflows stage-by-stage to align with your organization’s unique policy and industry needs, preventing missed steps in critical stages such as police and reference checks.
  • Convenient Management of Compliant Documents – Ensure the secure storage of all types of compliance documents for quick retrieval when needed.
  • Leverage Automatic Reminders – Customize reminders for compliance document expirations to eliminate manual tracking and last-minute updates. From licenses to certifications, the system keeps you informed, ensuring compliance and safeguarding your organization.

High Return On Investment (ROI)

An HRIS, like Martian Logic, ensures a ROI that is 5-10 times the value by saving time, minimising risks, and making the HR journey efficient and enjoyable. And your investment isn’t just financial; it’s in the experience and the smiles brought to everyone’s faces.

One giant leap for HR.

Manage everything from employee data to HR processes from one convenient platform.

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Get started today.

No set-up cost

We never ever charged for setup and this is why! Our mindset is very different on this point because we believe that, it’s a privilege that some HR professional out there wants to learn how to use our platform! And so the concept of charging a new client for training and for helping them configure the platform to best suit their needs, is simply not the martian way.

Up & Running in weeks not years

Unlike traditional HRIS solutions that can take years to integrate, our platform is designed to be up and running in just a matter of weeks. As we value your time, you can expect a seamless transition that minimises disruption and maximises efficiency. Start enjoying the benefits of our feature-rich platform sooner, rather than later.
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Our free plan

Free forever for small businesses!
No hidden fees, our free plan allows small businesses to recruit, post job ads, onboard and manage employee data in-house with ease.
Test first, buy later!
We’d never sell you an empty promise - that is why we let you see our platform’s capabilities for yourself before you buy. With no time limitations, your business can use our free plan endlessly, before making the decision to upgrade to a paid or enterprise plan.
Get started
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We work with amazing people.

“Highly recommend Martian Logic as an exceptional choice for organisations seeking an Recruitment/onboarding/HR system that is feature-rich and customisable. With a robust suite of tools and functionalities,it offers a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse needs of modern workplaces. Its unparalleled customisation options enable tailoring the system to align seamlessly with your organisation’s unique HR processes and requirements, ensuring a personalised user experience.

Whether you require an organisational chart, recruitment, Contract generator, onboarding, or to manage your cyclical HR processes, Martian Logic can be configured to suit your needs. I have helped implement this into many organisations and find it the easiest to work with.”

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Craig Baker
Human Resource Champion

“We had an excellent experience with the implementation of Martian logic. Lewis Smith was very helpful in setting it all up and has continued to be knowledgeable and helpful with all of our questions and queries even though he is no longer our main point of contact.”

Emma Bryant
Training and Development

“I have used Martian Logic for several years across 2 different employers (one small, one big) and have seen their product grow and develop for the needs of their customers. It is fantastic value for money and their support teams are always willing to help!”

Cara Jordan
HR Business Partner

“We have been using Martian Logic for the past 6 months and have been more than happy with the system and the assistance given to set up the platform to suit our individual business needs. It is simple to use and can be set up fairly quickly.”

Lisa Pilon
Senior HR Coordinator
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