Organisational Chart

Scalable, self-healing and enterprise-grade.

Seamlessly manage your divisions, reporting lines, positions, and REM.
The Most Advanced HR Org Chart Creator Ever
Whether you’re dealing with 10 employees or 10,000, our org chart equips you with the tools and insights to save time, money, and effort.
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Scalable, self-healing and enterprise-grade.
The Martian Logic org chart creator is the most powerful organisational chart software on the market. It’s one of the few that’s been created specifically with the needs of HR professionals like yourself in mind.
Our org chart software is designed to do more than just visually represent your organisation. Think of it as a central platform for initiating all major HR tasks, from recruiting and onboarding, to cross-boarding and offboarding.
Offering unparalleled flexibility and customisation, our enterprise-level software is a comprehensive and cost-effective choice for HR professionals at all levels. With real-time updates and multiple levels of accountability built in, it acts as a single source of truth to ensure that everyone—from HR to the CEO—is on the same page.
Replaces outdated Excel, Visio, and Powerpoint org charts
Real-time updates
Strengthens compliance and accountability
Keeps track of all employees and vacancies
Dynamic and customisable
Mobile app
Small Business?
Use Our Software for Free, Forever
Are you looking for a free tool that captures all critical details about your employees and positions? One that allows you to effortlessly perform all recruitment requests, onboarding, cross-boarding, and offboarding functions?
At Martian Logic, we’re serious about supporting the next generation of businesses. That’s why we’re offering free access to our org chart software, forever. No gimmicks, no catches.
Simply sign up to a free Martian Logic plan and start creating your free org chart template. We’ll give you complete access to all of our org chart’s amazing features and functions, as well as 20 nodes to work with. It’s everything you need to propel your HR to the next level.
For large companies, we’ll also give you access to our org chart software for up to 20 nodes. If you require more nodes, just upgrade your plan. It’s all part of our generous ‘free-tier’ policy that exists across the entire Martian Logic platform.
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Standout Features

Real-Time Updates

Forget about transferring HR data from one program to another, or waiting for complex updates to take place. Thanks to the real-time-updates feature in our org chart software, all stakeholders will be kept up to speed with any and all changes made to your org chart.

Built-in Compliance

Even a small mistake about a candidate or employee’s remuneration and working conditions can have significant legal, financial, and reputational repercussions for your business. By enabling you to pre-set, share, and update this information in real-time, Martian Logic helps your organisation to remain legally compliant.

Suitable for all levels of HR

Whether you’re new to HR or a seasoned pro, our org chart creator is designed to be easy for all levels of HR to use. Don’t spend hours wrapping your head around complex formulas or HR systems—begin creating your org chart in just a few clicks.

Data Flow

Our software is designed to enhance data flow between different stages of the employee jounrey. Promote consistency and accuracy in every aspect of the recruiting, onboarding, cross-boarding, and offboarding process with Martian Logic.


Instead of spending hours compiling essential details about a position during the requisition stage, simply replicate all of the key details you have stored about it in your org chart. Not only does this save you time and energy, but it also reduces the risk of making mistakes.

Position knowledge base

Linked to a live position knowledge base that captures every aspect of your positions including REM, duties & responsibilities, selection criteria and your own custom data specific to your industry.
With the click of a button, you can instantly:
View, modify, or copy an employee or position’s:
Title and description
Name and contact details
REM including industry awards or EBAs
Benefits and entitlements
Location (site) of the position
Work and application history
Resume and cover letter
Initiate the following HR processes:
Change of staff conditions
5 Reasons Why Our Org Chart Will
Boost Your HR Performance
Our enterprise-grade org chart creator empowers you to:
Capture vital information about all positions and reporting lines in your organisation.
Remain compliant with relevant awards and conditions.
Speed up the hiring process by getting new position details swiftly signed-off.
Create strong lines of communication and accountability between all stakeholders.
Seamlessly restructure teams or even your entire organisation.

Organisational Chart FAQs for HR