Compliance Data Capture
Ensure complaince, avoid negligence
Collect & manage compliance documents using one central database
Set & forget technology
Collect candidate & employee compliance data quickly and easily with our advanced data capture technology natively built into our custom E-forms. Collecting compliance documentation such as licences, certifications, passports, visas, and certificates doesn’t have to be a game of cat and mouse.

Instead, HR can easily collect compliance data in bulk across the organisation using no more than 5 minutes of their time. HR need only send the relevant e-form for completion and watch as the compliance data is captured. No further action is required from HR, as all compliance data captured during this process will automatically be updated in the platform.
Inbox user interface
Upload from anywhere
Our mobile-friendly collection process is so easy your employees and candidates can complete it from anywhere. Once they receive their collection form, the recipient can use the QR code to upload a photo of the relevant compliance document. From there, they will need to clarify the document number, issue date and expiry date before submitting the form.

Once the compliance document has been submitted, the employee or candidate’s profile is automatically updated within the database. Any contradicting data within the system will be automatically updated to avoid confusion.
Easily filter on employees due for renewal
Advanced data segmentation
Search on expired or soon-to-be expired compliance documents within our segmented employee database. Save these searches for later, so you can easily go back and regularly check the status of your entire staff’s compliance documents simultaneously.
Bulk renewal
Send bulk renewal reminders to those employees whose certifications are expired or expiring soon. Collect their renewed documentation in the same communication and it will automatically be updated across the entire platform.