The team is always willing to help
“Before Martian Logic, we didn’t have an HR system. Everything was done manually via email and spreadsheets - nothing was cohesive or in one area. Martian Logic brought everything together in one place, which is why it stood out from other options on the market.

I would recommend Martian Logic to other HR teams because of the support we get. The team is always willing to help and provide responses that are easy to understand.”
Margarita Szabo
HR Generalist | Fastener Innovation Technology
Martian Logic is a real life-changer.
“I definitely would recommend Martian Logic to other HR teams. Having everything all in one place is a lifesaver for HR and is my favourite feature of the platform.

The Martian platform is really easy to navigate, intuitive to use and saves us so much time. Before using the Martian platform, we were drowning in paperwork, everything was manual. Now we can focus on what matters, instead of admin work.”
Diana Mendoza
HR Manager | Lamsco West
Everything we need in one intuitive system
“Martian Logic is comprehensive and easy to use - providing a great manager experience as well as a great employee experience. The onboarding module is the most innovative aspect of the software for us. Not only is it so much more efficient than our previous manual onboarding process, but it also provides a much greater experience for our new employees. This software’s end-to-end process starting with the call to recruit module, which we find to be the most useful feature, and ending with the onboarding process, has given us everything we could need in one intuitive system”

Ben Ramsden
HR Operations Manager | ATCO
A system that seamlessly facilitates the application process
“It has a comprehensive information gathering system that we use to maintain employee information, and my favourite part is – employees self-populate their own employee cards! eliminating any data entry. It is my opinion that other HR software companies just don’t facilitate this process as well as or as diversely as Martian Logic does. Martian Logic is different to other software providers, they are driven and motivated by their customers’ wants and needs. Their support is nothing short of amazing and I always love speaking with their team. As a business or as HR professionals, we shouldn’t compromise or be held back by system limitations or their lack of forward-thinking - that’s why I choose Martianlogic.

Cara Jordan
HR Business Partner | Raisebore Group of Companies
MyRecruitment+ saves us a huge amount of time and trees
“Martian Logic saves us a huge amount of time and trees - certainly making our days easier. The recently launched org chart is actually one of my favourite features of the system, and it is going to make a huge difference for us. Overall, Martian Logic is an intuitive system that is easy to use and flexible to your needs. The possibilities are endless with what you can do for recruitment using this software. Yet they are always still managing to find ways to expand and improve the system as well”.

Michelle Dark
Organisation Development Advisor | Kempsey Shire Council
I love how flexible and customisable the system is
“I love how flexible the system is and this is a major stand-out from other competitor products. The user experience is also amazing, and we often get comments like “WOW, this is so easy” from our new starters when they open their onboarding pack. In terms of our different managers, they can navigate the workflow fairly effectively and that is certainly something I have found to be a struggle in the past when using other systems.”

Alex Biviano
People and Culture Manager | Learning Links